Pearland Foundation Repair Services

The foundation is what holds the entire weight of your home, in the event of a problem, time is critical. The longer foundation problems exist, the worse they get. At Pearland Foundation Repair, we have years of experience offering world-class structural foundation repair services. We want to be the company that you think of when you are searching for a foundation repair company you trust.

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Foundation Stabilization

During rainy days, foundational problems in Pearland tend to show up in different forms including foundation cracks and settling. Our foundation stabilization services are the best the industry has witnessed and can transform your weakening foundation to a solid one. We achieve this through many measures some of which are:

Foundation Piering

We use high-quality push and helical piers made from turf and durable materials to fix your foundation settling and sinking problems. We begin by attaching a series of push pier brackets to the footing of your home.
After that, hydraulics drive steel piers into the solid bedrock. Because this reinforcement happens below ground, nothing is exposed. Our technicians anchor each pier individually and subsequently test them for successful load bearing.
At Pearland Foundation Repair, we have developed in-house test standards we use on every job to guarantee you super performance of each pier. The testing enables us to confirm that the piers are deep enough to give your foundation and your house the necessary support.

​Leaning Chimney Repair

Because of soil instabilities, house foundations get affected and ultimately causing a leaning chimney problem. As mentioned earlier, a leaning chimney indicates a critical outward sign of a foundation settlement problem.
Using deeply driven piers, we shall help you repair your leaning chimney. The piers carefully rest on a solid layer thereby stabilization your foundation and rectifying the stack problem. We have fireplace experts who will lift your chimney to the point of maximum practical recovery.

Why choose us?

In this era where shady contractors are masquerading as experts to deceive innocent homeowners, you need the assurance of a reputable foundation repair contractor who can undertake your job and finish it on time and within the agreed foundation repair cost.
We are a licensed and insured contractor. You can confirm our credentials or even ask us to provide you with the certifications. Why is this important to you? This is important because foundation repair is a dangerous job and the last thing you would want is litigations coming your way as a result of worker injury or third party damage or injury.
We also offer foundation repair warranty and free estimates to protect you against ballooning costs and contractor repair malpractices. Our warranties cover you for parts and workmanship. Our Pearland foundation repair quotes are also very competitive.
Our record speaks for itself regarding the foundation repairs we have completed so far and our combined experience. We are the best team for your foundation repair job, we have thousands of references and testimonials, and we operate with a network of landscaping and soil advice experts who can help you in resolving soil related issues.
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Signs You Have Foundation Problems

Whenever you notice the emergence of any of the following symptoms, you need to get in touch with our experts immediately.
•    Hard to open windows and doors
•    Exterior and interior cracks on the foundation
•    Walls leaning into the basement
•    Chimneys pulling or tilting away from your home
•    Noticeable sinking on the sides of your home 

Foundation Repair Services

As a Pearland TX Foundation Repair company, we have the skills necessary to rectify the condition of your house thereby saving you the cost of building a new one. We offer many services and they include but are not limited to the following:


Bowed Wall Repair

We have patterned foundation repair methods that can fix deteriorating basement walls. The beauty of our systems is that they apply to any wall material, from clay block to concrete block to poured concrete as well as timber and stone.

Before we set shop in this area, homeowners had very limited choices when it came to repairing their foundation walls. The approach used by most foundation companies is to excavate around the wall and after that erect a new basement wall. Not only is it a time-consuming method, but also a very expensive and creates a situation where possible damage may occur to the surrounding landscape. Chances of foundation problems re-occurring are also common because of initial improper wall design and construction, coupled with inattention to the original cause of the deterioration.
Through our system, we stabilize the wall using anchoring rods and plates. We also counteract the hydrostatic pressure which is exerted against the wall hence lessening the causes of deterioration.

Also, our approach is quick and fast, taking less than a day to fix your problem. We never leave your home until the lawn is completely redone to the condition it was before the installation started. We place the anchors in strategic locations along the wall and we add rod extenders as well. There are no structural changes undertaken on your house because our system only concentrates on the ground and the walls. 


Pearland Foundation Repair